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Arson Crimes in Portland Oregon

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Hire a Portland Criminal Defense Attorney to Put Out the Fire

In the event you’ve been charged in the greater Portland area with the serious crime of arson, where will you turn for help?
By working with a Portland criminal defense attorney, you improve your odds of receiving the best legal defense possible, a legal defense that could determine whether you do serious time behind bars or not. For instance, arson in the first degree is a Measure 11 crime and a conviction could land you in jail for more than seven years.

With all you stand to lose, working with a criminal defense attorney in Portland is more a necessity than a choice.  My office will bring in a fire investigator to attack the work of the state’s arson investigators.  Remember, an arson investigates arson.  In other words they are looking for arson.  Arson investigation is considered “junk science” by a number of leading experts.   You need experts working for you.

That said be sure to present all of your defense evidence to your attorney at once. Remember, today’s typical arson statutes cover myriad of burning topics, including setting fire to land etc. Even though some states differ on how to punish those convicted of arson crimes, the punishments can prove quite damaging to one’s professional and personal aspirations moving forward.

Your Portland Defense Attorney and the Facts

In meeting with your criminal defense attorney of choice, be sure to cover the following:

With all you stand to lose from an arson conviction, make sure you have the right legal team backing you, a team that can put out the flames.