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Will a Domestic Violence Arrest Be Your Downfall?

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While you never want to be arrested and prosecuted for any crime, some stand out among others.

One such crime is domestic violence.

Given the various negative connotations that go along with domestic violence, it is imperative if you have been arrested and charged with this crime to seek legal counsel immediately.

Finding the right criminal defense attorney in Portland to stand and fight with you is something one can’t take for granted.

Changes to Think About if Convicted of Domestic Violence Charge

For starters, you are looking at a potential jail sentence. Secondly, you could end up paying significant legal and court costs. Third, your career could be negatively impacted, be it your current job or one you aspire to. Lastly, you could lose custody of your children (if applicable).  Furthermore, you can lose your firearm rights even with certain misdemeanor convictions.

Those are just several reasons why the right criminal lawyer in Portland needs to be on your side.

He or she can help you with:

As you search for the best criminal defense legal team, look for:

With the potential serious fallout from a domestic violence conviction, will you prevent it from becoming your downfall?