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Riverside Criminal Attorney

Don’t Take a Drug Sentence to Prison

One of the more common crimes people go to prison for routinely across the U.S. is drugs.

Whether caught using or selling them, drug crimes can be on the mild side when it comes to prison time or the much harsher side, depending of course on their classifications.

Contact and Attorney for Drug Crimes in Portalnd Right Away

In the event you are alleged to have committed a drug crime or crimes in the Portland, Oregon area, you need a Portland criminal defense attorney backing you up.

John E Gutbezahl can advise you on how to best defeat such charges (using, selling, buying etc.) or reach a plea deal that keeps you out of prison for an even longer period of time.

When looking for the best criminal defense attorney in Portland to fight for you, make sure they come well recommended, have an extensive history in the criminal defense system, can showcase that they have won many more cases than lost, and put your well-being first before any potential compensation.

If you have been hit with one or more drug charges, be sure to do the following when meeting with your Portland area legal representation:

Given the seriousness of any drug charge, don’t take a drug sentence to prison if you are truly innocent.