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DUI Traffic Stop Guidelines

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Few things in this world will send such chills of fear down your spine than to be nonchalantly driving your car down the road when, in a microsecond, flashing red and blue lights accompanied by a deafening siren appear in your rear-view mirror. The paralyzing level of fright is only enhanced if, per chance, you had indeed been drinking. At The Law Offices of John E. Gutbezahl, LLC, we offer the following guidelines on how to best react when placed in such a situation.

The best piece of advice is, of course, to NEVER drink and drive, amen. Remember that a taxi cab fare is a lot cheaper than a DUI conviction. Having said that let´s take a look at some common-sense rules that are nonetheless wise to follow:

Always be polite and courteous to the police officer. There are no exceptions to this inviolate rule! Copping a “I know my rights, yadi, yadi, yadi, etc…” attitude in a rude or argumentative manner will only escalate your plight and harm your case. This is especially true and demanding upon your self-discipline if the officer is rude and argumentative toward you. Do NOT retaliate in kind! A teaspoon of honey is worth more here than a barrel of vinegar.


KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and say as little as humanly possible. Even a lowly fish would not get caught if only it would learn this simple lesson. Don’t ask the officer why you were stopped. He will doubtless get around to that. Anything you say or do from this point on will be used against you, so hunker down and clam up. If asked any leading questions about where you were or had you been drinking, respectfully decline to answer ANY questions. This is still America. There is NO UPSIDE to volunteering information to them.

No matter what the officer tells you, do NOT perform any field sobriety tests. You cannot be forced to comply with a “demand” for this test. If you have been requested to take this test, the chances are that you are on your way to the pokey anyway and failing it will only cement the case against you. Do NOT take them.

If you are not arrested but issued a summons to appear on whatever charge, sign it and accept it with a smile, thank the officer, and quietly leave the scene. You will live to fight another day in a court of law and you will be well prepared to do so.

You should do or say nothing until speaking with our DUI attorney

Finally, if are so unfortunate as to have been arrested, you are now going to need the best professional help possible. If you had followed the simple guidelines above our Georgia DUI defense attorney team at The Law Offices of John E. Gutbezahl, LLC will be in a much better position to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Give us a call the moment you arrive at the police station and do or say NOTHING until we can advise you. Insist upon it! It is your right.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUII offense don't hesitate to call us at The Law Offices of John Gutbezahl, LLC. immediately at  503-594-1919. The initial consultation with us is free of charge, so you have nothing to lose and a future of freedom to gain.  We pick up the phone 24 hours a day.  Time is of the essence in these DUI cases, so let's get an early start on securing your future now.