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If you have been charged with a federal crime you are up against an extremely formidable adversary. Federal prosecutors concentrate on the most serious of crimes and have extraordinary resources at their disposal to cement their cases. They have access to an alphabet soup of agencies such as the FBI, BATF, IRS, SEC, NSA and dozens of others. Federal crimes tend to be of a more serious nature than state charges and most oftentimes involve acts of an interstate character. Prosecutors concentrate on fewer cases but with more fervor. These can range from domestic/political terrorism to insider trading, business racketeering, conspiracy, counterfeiting, weapons dealing, mail fraud, computer/Internet fraud, kidnapping and corrupt foreign practices. They have the best investigative resources in the world coupled to unlimited funding to pursue their case. They boast of a 97% conviction rate to show for their efforts.

Federal Courts and Lawyer Roles Within Them

Federal courts constitute an entirely different ballgame from state courts. They operate under a unique set of rules and procedures that are foreign to most attorneys. Federal laws are continuing to expand and now embrace over 120 categories of crime. Fighting a federal crime requires highly specialized expertise. Portland federal crime attorney at John E. Gutbezahl, LLC is fully licensed to practice before the federal bar and John brings a high level of skill and experience to this forum in order to level the playing field for you. Our reputation as consummate trial lawyers leverages our ability to negotiate the best possible outcome in your favor.

Contact Portland Criminal Attorney John Gutbezahl Right Away

If you have reason to believe that you are currently under a grand jury investigation for a federal crime you should act preemptively to contact an Oregon federal crimes attorney, and without hesitation, to protect your interests. Under no circumstance should you make any statements to federal authorities without benefit of legal counsel. Federal criminal charges are of a serious nature and carry the most severe of penalties. Don’t gamble with your future. Call our Portland Oregon Federal crime attorney at John E. Gutbezahl, LLC now. John will sit with you, analyze your case in complete confidentiality and provide you with all of your legal options. John serve greater Portland and all of its outlying areas. John and can be reached 24 hours a day at (503) 594 1919. And, as a token our sincerity to serve you better, your initial consultation with us will be free of charge.