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Firearms Offenses in Portland Oregon

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Attorney Representation in Portland, Oregon for over 15 years

It happens all too often across America on a regular basis.

Someone is pulled over for a simple traffic offense, an offense that quickly turns into something much more serious. Before the driver knows it, he or she loses their right to bear arms.

In another scenario, one is involved in a heated dispute with a significant other that leads to a possible restraining order being filed. As a result, law enforcement and prosecutors may end up convincing the courts that the former should not have the right to possess a firearm.

While this may all sound rather cut and dry, what happens to Oregon residents wanting to recover their rights to own a firearm when there are legal mistakes, or the previous misdemeanor or even felony is so outdated that it bears reviewing?

By turning to a sound Portland criminal defense attorney, you have the possibility of regaining your rights under the Second Amendment to bear arms.

In your search for a criminal defense attorney in Portland, look for one who not only has years of experience, but who will roll up their sleeves and fight for your rights.

In meeting with your legal help in Portland, discuss the following information:

While there is no guarantee with a criminal record you will be able to have your gun rights restored, working with a Portland area criminal defense attorney is your first and best starting point.