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Will You Forge Ahead with the Right Criminal Defense?

When facing criminal forgery charges, you need a sound Portland criminal defense attorney in your corner.

John E. Gutbezahl can work with you to put forth the best defense possible, looking to get the charges dismissed, acquittal at trial or at least receive the best plea deal available.

Whether charged with forgery in the workplace or outside of it, keep in mind the serious repercussions such charges can have in your life.  A forgery conviction can lead to prison time if there is a subsequent conviction for certain property felonies.

Not only could you end up with jail time and fines, but the charges could haunt you for years to come in terms of your career and personal life.

So, are you prepared to make that call to the best criminal defense attorney in Portland?

Let a Portland Criminal Defense Attorney Go to Work for You

In working with a criminal defense attorney on forgery charges, remember to cover the following:

•             Evidence and defense – Does the state have ironclad evidence against you? Is it possible that someone got a copy of your signature and used it to forge a document or documents? Such documents can be checks, marriage certificates, wills, business paperwork and other important pieces of paper.  As part of your defense, your legal counsel may wish to call in a handwriting analyst to improve your defense case. You might also have an individual who can testify on your behalf that you did in fact have verbal permission to sign one or more documents. Last, did law enforcement seize any and all evidence legally?
•             Potential fallout – If convicted of forgery, it can have long-ranging consequences. First, it can impact your ability to retain or attain a job. In today’s digital age, word can spread among employers that you have a forgery conviction on your record. It could also lead to personal problems in trying to attain financial assistance such as loans. Last, a personal relationship could be impacted if the other person begins to question your character.

By having the best legal help, you stand a better chance of writing a happier ending to forgery charges.