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The term “Jessica’s Law” is a generic expression for a 2005 Florida law that has since been adopted by several states. The law took its name from a heinous Florida crime committed against a minor child named Jessica Lunsford who was sexually assaulted and murdered by a recidivist sexual offender. The Florida law exacted much more drastic penalties for crimes of sexual abuse against minor children and mandated much closer surveillance of convicted offenders. Oregon overwhelmingly adopted its version of Jessica’s law as of 2006. This law requires a twenty-five-year mandatory minimum sentence for adults who are convicted of raping, sodomizing or engaging in any form of sexual penetration of a child under twelve years of age. In addition to this harsh sentence an offender is put on lifetime probation with constant electronic monitoring, and both his identity and place of residence is placed on a registry for all the public to access. It is, in effect, a debilitating sentence that never ends.  

Sustaining a conviction under the Jessica Law is a prescription to live in hell itself. Child molesters in prison are often targeted for violent retribution by other inmates. Should you survive this ordeal it merely marks the beginning of an even longer term in which you will be at a tremendous disadvantage in acquiring work and managing relationships. The requirement that your location be constantly monitored and your current address be place on a public registry of known sex offenders of children opens up both yourself and non-offending family members to the potential for violent retaliation. It would be easy to give up all hope in life under such a circumstance.

As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I have seen first-hand how false and exaggerated allegations can lead to an unjust prosecution. If you or a loved one has been charged with a Jessica’s law violation, you need to know that this area of criminal law, more than any other, is subject to wrongful prosecution. I can be of enormous help you in that regard. What makes the difference in such cases is the right Oregon Jessica’s Law attorney. My many years of experience as a sex crimes prosecutor puts me in a unique position to understand the nuances of such cases. I can leverage that knowledge to help acquire for you an outright dismissal or reduced charges.

At the Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl, I fully understand the burden you are laboring under. You cannot put these serious allegations on the backburner. Ignoring them won't make them disappear, no matter how exaggerated or false they may be. Put your reputation and future freedom in the hands of the best Oregon criminal defense attorney available. Call me now at the Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl so that we can begin immediately to work on your defense. I can be reached at 503.594.1919. Your initial consultation will be free of charge.

Effects of Jessica's Law

One cannot talk about sex crimes and Jessica's Law without also discussing the total effect and impact that a guilty sex crime conviction can take on an individual. In most cases, individuals who must submit to Jessica's Law experience detrimental effects in their social, personal, and professional relationships. It's incredibly difficult to manage relationships or get a new job if you are listed publicly as a sex offender.

Some people may be able to get over a prison sentence, but it is incredibly challenging to move on with one's life when society has labeled you as a criminal. The penalties that extend beyond a criminal record are the types of long-lasting repercussions that are the hardest to cope with. Losing custody of a child, losing a job, or losing an honorable reputation in the community can cause a person to give up hope, especially if he or she must live with such consequences for their entire life due to an exaggerated or false claim.

Let me help you carry your legal burden!

At the Law Office of Justin Rosas, I know how much of a burden you must be carrying. Many people try to juggle the struggles of maintaining an everyday life while putting their criminal allegations on the backburner. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away, no matter how untrue or fabricated the claims may be. Contact The Law Office of Justin Rosas to schedule your free case evaluation. From there, you can meet with me in person or over the phone to discuss your criminal defense matters. Call my firm now!

Sex offenses more than any other area of law requires experienced, compassionate counsel who is not afraid to protect your rights and take on the alleged victim and the government. You are presumed innocent by law but make sure you have someone who enforces that right! Often times a person charged with a sex offense is presumed guilty regardless of what the law says.

As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I have had great success in helping people in your situation. I have seen first hand how false allegations can lead to an unjust prosecution. However, if you are charged with a sex offense you might need to prove your innocence. This area of criminal law more than any other is subject to wrongful prosecution. I had a client who prior to my representation took and passed an Oregon State Police polygraph but was still indicted. We got the charges dismissed however without the right counsel he might be incarcerated for 25 years.

The Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl aggressively fights allegations of Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Abuse, Unlawful Sexual Penetration and statutory rape. We also handle computer and online offense allegations. The right lawyer can make all the difference.