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If you have been charged with DUII or DWI there are very important deadlines to meet. It is my job to help you navigate the troubling and complicated legal structure that surrounds DUII.

Contact our Portland DUI Lawyer if you have been arrested for drunk driving

DUII is the one crime that could happen to anyone who even socially consumes alcohol and drives. Therefore there are a lot of people just like you who have never been involved in the criminal justice system and never thought that you would be. You are probably feeling confused alone and maybe guilty. That is why you need to have a fighter in your corner. First and foremost, in Oregon you have 10 days from the arrest to request a hearing to challenge the suspension for refusing or failing a breath test. In Washington you have 20 days. Even if you can not retain counsel immediately, check your paperwork and request the hearing. I would be happy to help you do the request even if you can not retain me immediately. This challenge is important because your license is at stake. Plus it allows our office to cross examine the officer under oath before the prosecutor can prep the officer for trial. If you miss this deadline the suspension for failing or refusing the intoxilyzer or breath test is upheld regardless of what happens in court.

Our Portland DUI Attorney is the one your need to represent your legal needs

You may be diversion eligible however our office will analyze the case to see if it is proper for trial. If you are not eligible for diversion, your license is at further risk of suspension if you are convicted. Other consequences can be Felony DUI if you have two prior convictions within 10 years of the current arrest which is a presumptive prison offense.

Multiple drunk driving convictions can lead to permanent consequences

Furthermore a third DUII in Oregon carries a mandatory lifetime driver’s license suspension. Can you afford to never have a license again? Can you afford to go to prison? The state must prove that you are guilty. We can bring a team of experts to trial to help prove that you were not under the influence. Your career, your freedom and your wallet are at stake. With so much on the line why settle for a lawyer who will plead you out? You are innocent unless and until proven guilty. Protect your rights. I have over 17 years of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Contact the Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl immediately at 503.594.1919. Major credit cards accepted.