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Pedestrian Traffic Death Charges

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Having a Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer Along for the Ride

In the event you have been arrested for causing a pedestrian death while behind the wheel (not DUI related), what is one of the first things you will do?

If reaching out to a Portland criminal defense lawyer is not at or near the top of your list, your troubles can only get worse.

By finding a sound criminal defense lawyer in Portland to represent you, you stand a much better chance of not only possibly getting the best plea deal available, but even walking away without significant charges and ultimately a conviction in the first place (especially if it can be shown that you did everything possible to avoid the accident).

Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Fight for You

Keep in mind that the prosecution could very well charge you with a manslaughter charge (even though you did not intend to kill someone with your vehicle).

There are different classifications for manslaughter, yet they are still considered felonies. Both classes (A and B) involve mandatory prison time under Measure 11,  and the loss of your driver’s license.   The biggest factor in play is can the prosecution prove that you recklessly operated your vehicle in such a way to put the lives of others in jeopardy?  Even a death caused by Criminal Negligence is a crime that has a presumptive prison sentence. 

Among the areas to cover with your criminal defense lawyer:

A pedestrian death is obviously nothing one should take lightly. In today’s climate we see pedestrians crossing without looking and without the right of way.  You can still be charged under those circumstances.

That said having the right legal representation in place could be the difference between a conviction and avoiding one.