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Shoplifting Crimes in Portland Oregon

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Shopping for the Right Portland Criminal Defense Attorney

In the event you’ve been arrested and charged with shoplifting, don’t brush it off as a minor inconvenience in your life.

For those not aware, this misdemeanor charge (it can turn into a felony depending on the amount of merchandise stolen) can have far-ranging consequences in your life, consequences that you’d rather not have to deal with.

Not only are you facing criminal charges, but the merchant/s you allegedly stole from could end up suing you, hoping to get back money they ended up losing due to your reported actions.

Experienced Portalnd Shoplifting Crime Attorney

Your best move in fighting shoplifting charges is hiring a Portland criminal defense attorney, one who knows the court system like his or her backhand.

By working with such an attorney, you stand a better chance of possibly escaping the charges altogether, perhaps even working an acceptable plea deal.

So, are you ready to find the right criminal defense attorney in Portland to assist you?

Can You Beat the Charges with the Right Portland Legal Mind?

In fighting the shoplifting charges, where do you start to mount your defense?

For starters, how solid is the evidence against you?

Short of an admission of guilt or finding the item or items allegedly shoplifted on you, the prosecution will have to work hard to prove your guilt.

Benefits of Working With a Portland Criminal Defense Attorney

By working with a criminal defense attorney, he or she can poke holes in the prosecution’s case, a case that can be attacked in the following ways:

Even though shoplifting does not rank up there with some of the more serious crimes, it is nonetheless something you can’t hide from.

Get the right attorney to work with you, hopefully leading to a positive outcome moving forward.